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Index Coin offers to investors
Crypto Exposure
A broad exposure to growth and appreciation of cryptocurrencies, minimizing idiosyncratic risk and volatility of any particular coin
Buy & hold safety
Next megacoins pick up at an early stage of existence and losing assets removal with frequent index rebalancing
Any index coin is backed by corresponding collateral stored in C100 custody. At any point in time C100 can be exchanged for the collection of 100 corresponding coins
Make smart crypto investments
with Index Coin
Index mechanics
Top 100 crypto
At any point in time Index will contain top 100 crypto coins by capitalization.
FIAT exclusion
Any coin directly tied to any FIAT currency shall be excluded from the index.
Index is being rebalanced at the beginning of each month.
Fair exposure
This index does not attempt to exclude any “pumped up” or “no-purpose” coins.
Cap clipping
Coin is capitalization weighted index with maximum weight of any coin capped at 10%.
Index entry
Any coin included in the index has be traded for at least 3 months.
Index performance
As of
YTD return
January 2021
Make smart crypto investments
with Index Coin